Assemble your party. Answer the call. Win the war.

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Banners of Ruin is a party based deck building game set in a world of medieval animals. Embodying the leader of your party, you will travel with up to seven characters through a dark and gritty world, facing perilous combat encounters. Taking on contracts will test not only your strength, but also the party's resolve, as characters react to the decisions you make along the way.

Choose your faction!

House Blackwyn is making their conquest across the kingdoms. The time has come to pick a side. Fight for the first great King and unite the land, or claim your independence and stamp out this insolent usurper. Each great house has a noble leader, a unique strategy to win the war and a dedicated story path.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Banners of Ruin release?

Banners of Ruin is in early development and does not yet have a release date. However, we intend to release the game in 2020, with a Steam Early Access period running before that. Subscribe to the Mailing List and follow us on Twitter for all updates on Early Access as it emerges.

I loved Lyra! Is it like that?

Thanks, we're really glad you liked it! Banners of Ruin is set in the same world as Lyra: The Traitor Lyngrave, but takes place before the events in that game. We wanted to create a game that would really introduce players to this universe, its cultures, characters and stories. Banners of Ruin is a much more open, exploratory game where you'll be able to see much more of the world and meet many more people. Unlike Lyra, it doesn't follow a linear path; instead, you get to pave your own way.

What platforms will the game release on?

Banners of Ruin is in development for PC (Windows), but we haven't ruled out other platforms, including other PC platforms (Mac / Linux), consoles and mobile. We're a small team so every platform demands a lot of our time. Follow us on Twitter for any updates on this.

This looks really unique, how many people are working on it?

The development team on Banners of Ruin is composed of two core members; Alec and Callum, and our wonderful composer Dan who's responsible for crafting the deep and rich soundtrack for the game. We think we pack a big punch for our size and are extremely passionate about what we do. Thanks for all your support!