~ Bug Report ~

If you're viewing this page - we're sorry you encountered an issue with the game!

Please read the following information and send a description of your issue, along with the corresponding files, to support@montebearo.co.uk, or send them on discord

Navigate to the following folder:

If you are unsure how to get to the AppData folder, open a File Explorer window, and in the top bar type %appdata% and hit enter, then go up a folder to get to AppData\LocalLow. Alternatively, copy and paste the path above into the top bar, (making sure to change your username!)

Please send the following files in that folder:
  • bannersofruin_log.txt
  • bannersofruin_log_prev.txt
  • Player.log
  • Player-prev.log

If you encountered a crash, please also send any files in the following folder:


Save Data

If you want to be extra helpful, please also send your ActiveGame.ruin and progress.dat file, which will help us reproduce your issue. You can find those here:


(If you want to delete a run that you are unable to abandon, delete the ActiveGame.ruin file. Only delete the progress.dat file if you want to entirely reset your meta-progression)